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We focus on investing our resources into some of the world’s highest-growth markets by selecting and curating a diversified portfolio of brands that capture the hearts and minds of leading retailers and consumers.

We do this by handpicking the brands we work with, controlling the supply chain through careful pricing and stock allocation, and working closely with our retailers on creative marketing and social media to drive sales through their channels.

We operate across a large and culturally diverse region, and pride ourselves on understanding local parenting customs and preferences from China, to Australia, to Indonesia and beyond. This means, since 2004, we have focused on prioritising ‘super moms’ in China, Southeast Asia, Australia and more recently New Zealand. Super Moms are a sophisticated demographic that is willing to pay premium prices for products to care for themselves and the rest of the family – their eye for quality and value has resulted in many of our brands becoming household names.

From the analyst’s point of view, we operate in the “Maternity & Infant Care” (MIC) sector. In 2019 alone, revenue in the China MIC market reached RMB 2.9 trillion (USD 441 billion) and is expected to maintain steady growth to reach nearly RMB 4 trillion (nearly USD 600 billion) by the end of 2020.

When market planning, we focus on birth rates and gender distribution of parent shoppers (typically 80% female / 20% male in China), and emerging trends across the burgeoning middle-class in all-tier Chinese cities. China is approaching a boom of ‘Millennial Mamas’ (or ‘Spicy Moms’ – 辣妈) – they love to shop for high-quality kids products via ecommerce and we see them increasingly placing value on autonomy, ego and confidence. As such, we focus our marketing on handpicking brands that our consumers will love, whilst appreciating they typically live by the word-of-mouth they read in trusted WeChat groups and elsewhere.

We are privileged to support the education and betterment of all our consumers – and their children – through our brands, and we appreciate that for the right investment in their child’s experience, our brands help deliver the quality and international credibility they seek.

Ecommerce for China’s MIC market is growing fast and was expected to reach over RMB 872 billion by the end of 2020. iiMedia analysts believe that with the shift to a two-child policy, an increase in per capita disposable income, more sophisticated consumption choices and an influx of younger consumers, the MIC sector still has considerable development potential and online ecommerce business will be the core focus.

So, whether you are an ambitious brand owner seeking turn-key access to our markets, a savvy retailer looking for a reliable supply of award-winning baby, parenting & family products, or a consumer looking for the very best for your child, we would be delighted to bloom and grow together!

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